Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two weeks in NYC

Hello everyone,
I have been in NYC for two weeks now and God has been doing amazing things. I honestly spent most of the 1st week just decompressing and getting acclaimated to my new surroundings. God is so faithful!! He has already begun to connect me with this incredible group of people that are just so hungry for Him. They are some of the most amazing people that I have ever met.

I am sitting here thinking about everything that has happened since I've been here and the stories I could tell you. I will tell you the two that stand out to me the most. Last week, I was eating dinner at a restaurant with some friends; before we parted ways we decided to pray for each other. As we were leaving the hostess stopped us and asked us where we went to church. We told her briefly about our church and invited her to come. She came to the service last Friday night and really enjoyed it. We went to eat afterwards and learned that she had recently moved to the city and had been looking and praying for a church and friends that were of like faith. It was totally neat the way that God orchestrated that connection.

Monday, we were out eating lunch and noticed our waitress was wearing some sort of brace on her arm for tendinitis. We asked her if we could pray for healing in her arm. I am still believing God for that healing and so thrilled with the seed of faith that we were able to plant in her life.

There are many more storeis that I could tell about the powerful way that God is moving but I just wanted to give you all a few short testiminonies of what God is doing here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Broken Ministries

Dear Friends,

I have had many people asking me what I am doing these days and why I have moved to NYC. I have decided to start a blog to help keep everyone informed about what I am doing, how I am doing, and most importantly what God is doing. I will let this 1st blog be about my move to NYC and why I come here. Many of you have heard my heart about this move and many of you have not. Ever since the day that I gave my life to God, I have had a burning passion to be used by Him to change lives; to believe in the “nobodies” and the people that the world has “written off” as hopeless. I have always said that if I could be used to change just one life then all the challenges and obstacles I have faced in my life were worth it.

God has spoken to me about what He would like me to do to fulfill the vision and call He has placed upon my life. He has called me to be a missionary in New York City. He has confirmed this call in numerous ways and has truly placed a passion in my heart to see the lives of the people in that city radically changed for Jesus.

Specifically He has called me to start Broken Ministries. You may be asking yourself what is Broken Ministries? Broken Ministries is:
-A place for the broken, bruised, and hopeless
-A place for the abandoned, abused, and rejected
-A place for healing and restoration
-A birthing place for dreams and purpose
-A growing place for greatness
-A launching place for Destiny

I am so excited to see what God has in store for New York City and the lives that are going to be forever changed as I seek to fulfill His purpose for my Life. God has already done amazing things in making it possible for me to begin this new adventure. I have come to New York with the blessings and prayers of my pastors; a prayer covering already in place and an incredible church
with which to link arms.

God is so faithful and I look forward to the many things he is going to do on this city!!