Monday, September 2, 2013

Peace In the Midst...

2013 has been a year like none other. Having started this year finishing my degree, I had high anticipation of things to come. There are things I thought I would be doing this year that I am not YET doing. However, I am continuing to be faithful with what God gives me. I have learned it is important to seize every opportunity that comes our way to love people, tell them about Jesus, and show them who Jesus is through our actions. After all, this is what ministry is about. We should always be about the one. We should live our life striving to know our creator and make Him known. As I have been faithful to accept the opportunities given to me, I have been given more.

This year I have walked with people through both very good times and very bad times. I have officiated weddings and spoken at funerals. I have counseled, loved, and supported people through tragedy, marital issues, and the loss of precious loved ones. There were moments when I didn’t understand what happened or why and nor did I pretend to. Sometimes as ministers and friends we think we need to understand or have the answers. That is simply not true. It is okay not to have all the answers. What I did know and understand was that people needed the love and grace of God like never before.

Through all the good times and bad times this year that I have experienced personally or helped someone through I always had peace. I had peace because I know that no matter what God is in control. He is with us and never leaves us. This year has reminded me that life is so short and so valuable. We only have one life. What we do with that life matters. What matters most is Jesus is Lord and that we have accepted Him as our personal Lord and Savior. Through all of life’s ups and downs there is comfort, grace, and a peace that passes understanding in knowing that no matter what God is always there for you and always has a plan for you. 

Much Love,