Monday, June 15, 2009

Friends and Ministry

This past week was a fun week as well as an inspiring week. I had two guests in town. One, a girl I have been friends with for 9 years and the other a girl that came a stranger and left a friend. I love the way God connects people. Having these girls here was so much fun.

We Shopped,we toured the city,we shopped some more, we ate, and just had tons of fun with a lot of late nights and early mornings. One of things I enjoyed most about this week was that we just smiled and talked to people everywhere we went. This may seem like a normal thing to most of you but not in the "Big Apple". People around here walk fast with their heads down and their Ipods playing; never really engaging in what is going on around them. It always amazes me the reactions you get from giving someone a smile or saying hi, how are you. Some people smile back while others look at you like your crazy. Either way, I know that it brightens their day and leaves them wondering what is different about us.

On Thursday we went and shared the love of Jesus with the people in Columbus circle. It was an amazing night of spreading the Love of Jesus to people who thought they were just at the mall to go shopping. We prayed with 6 people in all and were able to tell several more that God loves them and has a plan for their life. We also smiled and greeted lots of people saying hi and asking how they were. A lot of people left that mall having their lives forever changed by God!! WOOHOO!!

The team that went to Columbus Circle

Don't Mess With Me!! HaHa!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4 months into Broken Ministries

It was 6 months ago that God birthed Broken Ministries in my heart. I never imagined that the vision that He gave me December 6, 2009 would land me living in NYC 2 months later and embarking on the adventure of being a missionary to NYC and pioneering a ministry from the ground up. It has been a journey with lots of twists and turns, but a journey that has forever changed my life. God has brought me to new levels of freedom and used me in ways I wouldn't have imagined.

In the last 4 months, I have participated in 8 planned street evangelism events, prayed with numerous people that I have come in contact with in my everyday coming and goings, spoke life and guidance to several people that just needed a little encouragement, gave my testimony at a Woman's home and ministered healing and hope to 6 of the women, wrote my testimony to be published in a book, and began writing a 31 day devotional!! WOW!!! God is awesome!! None of this would be possible without him!!

For those of you that are not sure what Broken Ministries is, it is an Isaiah 61 ministry. It is

-A place for the broken, bruised, and hopeless
-A place for the abandoned, abused, and rejected
-A place for healing and restoration
-A birthing place for dreams and purpose
-A growing place for greatness
-A launching place for Destiny

While I do not have a "place" yet; I am hitting the streets on NYC meeting these people and taking the healing, restoration, and hope to them everywhere I go!!