Monday, October 12, 2015

Every Season

This weekend I went to a conference in MO. I had worship music playing in my car while driving. Desert Song (written by Jill McCloghry) came on my playlist and as I was listening to the song, God began to speak to me. The bridge of the song says:

All of my life 
In every season 
You are still God
I have a reason to sing 
I have a reason to worship 

I began to think about all the seasons I have been through and the one I am currently in. There have been seasons of healing, seasons of being on top of the mountain, seasons of loneliness, seasons of depression, seasons of feeling bloodied, beat up, and defeated, seasons of feeling victorious, seasons of pain, and seasons of being faithful while waiting for the next thing to happen and wondering if it ever will. 

The thing that I realize about all of these seasons is that God never changed. He remained the same. He was my constant. He never left my side. I also realized that in every season of my life I have ALWAYS had a reason to sing and praise; even when I felt defeated and didn't think I could go on, I still had breath in my lungs and a life to live. I still knew that God was going to help me make it another day. I want to remind you that NO MATTER what you are facing, no matter what may be happening or not happening for you God is with you. He has not forgot you. He is working behind the scenes on your behalf. Keep your eyes and heart focused on Him. You have a reason to sing. You have a reason to worship.

Monday, August 3, 2015

For Such a Time as This

The story of Esther has always been one that inspired me. Esther was willing to risk her own life for the sake of her people. She knew that the only way she could save the Jews was to go before the King and Esther was postured in a place of royalty for this purpose. However, even the queen was not allowed go before the king without being asked by him. If anyone went before the king and he didn't raise his scepter, they would be killed. Her uncle Mordecai told her that she was called for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). I have been told several times that I am called for such a time as this. I recently began to ask myself, “Do I have enough trust in God and even obedience in God that I would be willing to put my physical life on the line to do what he told me?” We say all the time that we are willing to do whatever God asks of us, but I wonder how many of us really mean it? Would we give up our very life to save someone else's? Would we lay down the things that matter the most to us for the sake of our destiny? We all have greatness on the inside of us, but are we willing to sacrifice our time, money and resources to access that greatness and achieve our dreams? Are we willing to pay the price? Do we have a desire to accomplish something that is far greater than ourselves? Let's make a choice today to rise up and live out our "for such a time as this moments"!