Friday, July 24, 2009

It's a New Season!!

My time in New York has been God Ordained and LIFE CHANGING!! It has been a time of tremendous growth and acceleration. I've spent the last six months in a vital time of ministry preparation; in the spirit as well as the natural. The ministry and the things God has used me to do is indescribable!! I am living in a place in my life where I am 100% dependent on God. If He doesn't show up in my daily life then I am jacked. Being in that place has brought such freedom to my life and a boldly confidence that leaves me knowing that with Him I can do absolutely anything my heart desires. No dream is too big and no idea is too crazy!!

God has recently spoken to me about relocating to Birmingham, Alabama. I have always LOVED Birmingham and have considered it home. I as well as Broken Ministries will be relocating there the first week of August. I am excited about this next season and what God has in store for me. I know that it will be great and far exceed anything that I can imagine!!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Turn Around

As many of you know I am on vacation. I spent a week in Birmingham and now I am in Nashville. I have really enjoyed seeing all my peeps and being able to share with you 1st hand what I have been experiencing in NYC.

The other day I was going to visit a friend of mine in Decatur. She gave me directions on how to get to where she was. I began following these directions but then literally right before I should have arrived, I thought that I went to far and turned around. As I turned back around and once again headed in the right direction, I began to think about this scenario. I wonder how many people "turn-around" right before they are about to walk in the destiny that God has for them. How many times do we get a word from God and let doubt or uncertainty get us off track. Following directions when you don't know where you are or if you'll end up at your final destination can be a scary but when those directions are from God, you have nothing to worry about. He is all knowing and will NEVER misguide you. Following His directions will always land you where you are suppose to be EXACTLY when you are suppose to be there.